Dance to: Samba Reggae, Samba de Roda, Samba Caboclo, Puxada de Rede, Coco, Afoxe, Candomble...
Dora's dance classes are an exhilarating workout and immersion into the world of Afro-Brazilian movement

Burn calories and have fun!
This is not your ordinary Samba class but explores the roots and tradition of Brazilian dance and music. Dora's diverse, kid-friendly community is about inner beauty, joy and a sincere passion for dance.

Dora Oliveira's repertoire ranges from Afro-Brazilian dance, jazz, and ballet, to modern dance. She started with the renowned Brazilian folkloric dance troupe Exaltao Bahia, graduated with a dance degree from the Federal University of Brazil, was lead dancer with the group Ocheami, and is now lead dancer with Show Brazil. Dora toured with Olodum and was featured on the Brazilian dance episode "Dancing" on PBS.

Brazil Fest 2013:
Samba Ballet
Samba de Mulata

Brazil Fest 2012:
Samba Reggae
Sambade Roda

Dance This 2011:

Global Dance Party 2011:

Sundiata 2011:
Samba Reggae

Dance Brasil, Capoeira Males:
Samba Reggae

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